Our Story

Welcome to Spicy Vines. We are a boutique winery with a spirit of fun. Our purpose; to make great wine and enjoy the journey. Like many a good story, our journey has been inspired by tradition - tradition that has taught us to embrace our roots and challenge us to venture into the unknown.

Traditional winemaking practices have inspired us to create wines that embody a natural beauty, elegance and purity to them. Winemaker, Doug Hackett harmoniously guides our grapes along their path into becoming the best wines that they can be with minimal manipulation. Aligned with Doug's talent and appreciation for artisan winemaking, we are proud to be creating wines that are honest expressions of their soil, varietal, climate and character.

It was the century old craft of spicing wine however, that was the traditional inspiration for Co-Founder, Crystalyn Hoffman to create Spicy Vines. In 2010, Crystalyn spent a year traveling Europe, where she spent much time in Germany, the land of her heritage. It was in the Berlin Christmas markets that Crystalyn was first introduced to Gl├╝hwein, a German mulled wine that is served hot around the holidays. Upon returning to San Francisco, Crystalyn was inspired to put a fresh spin on this timeless (and delicious) craft, so she elicited the help of late Co-Founder, Anders Pederson and the two set out to form a bold venture to create the first ever Californian spiced wine. It was this insatiable invention that inspired the creation of Spicy Vines.

With Doug's winemaking craft and the brand's two flagship spiced wine innovations, Spicy Vines has become a winery able to master both quality and fun in all that it does. As the winery continues to grow its boutique collection of un-spiced wines, it still continues to create delicious recipes in its tasting room with its flagship spiced wines, like craft wine cocktails, sangrias and even food dishes.

We encourage you to visit the Spicy Vines tasting room in downtown Healdsburg, which captures the true essence of the Spicy Vines vision - our taste of tomorrow. When you visit and sip on our wines, all we ask is that you savor every moment, enjoy the journey and don't be afraid to experience life with a twist.