Our Story

We're a boutique winery with a spirit of fun making extraordinary wines.

Only seven years old, Spicy Vines has made a name for itself in the competitive wine region of Northern California. With their charisma and panache, they are the epitome of hip, cool and far-out California wine culture.

From its humble San Francisco roots, the winery settled in Healdsburg, in the heart of Sonoma County with the focus to make the best wines possible that exude purity and are honest expressions of their soil, varietal, climate and character. The winery is operated by a dynamic duo, Doug Hackett and Crystalyn Hoffman. Doug, a true artisan of his craft and sought after winemaker in Sonoma County, has been making world class wines showing depth, purity and balance for over 23 years in partnership with some of the most coveted vineyards across Sonoma and Mendocino counties.

Why the name, "Spicy Vines", you ask? The name comes from the free spirited and unapologetically chill vibe of the winery. In addition to just being friendly humans, they also make one very special wine that is actually spiced (like Christmas). This wine is based on a timeless craft of spicing wines that dates back to Egyptian times and was later inspired by the co-founder, Crystalyn's German heritage. The flagship spiced wine has turned the industry on its head for being so uniquely blasphemous, yet so delicious!

Spicy Vines has become a winery able to master quality and fun in all that it does. Whether you are drawn to its artisan wines, the down-to-earth vibe, craft wine cocktails or live music on Saturdays, this winery is sure to leave you impressed.

Photo Credit: Alex Giovannoli