Spicy Vines Sultry Strawberry Jam

17th Nov 2017 @ 16:39 by Crystalyn

Q: What did the strawberry say to the other strawberry?…

A: “If you weren't so fresh, we wouldn’t be in this jam.”

We’ve been busy little bees experimenting with a line of spicy preserves and jams. Our signature spiced wine reduction makes an excellent addition to to any jam or preserve recipe. Not digging strawberries these days? Improvise or blend with this recipe, a little fig, raspberry, blackberry, and so much more!

Sultry Strawberry Jam:

3 pounds strawberries
1 bottle Spicy Vines Original Blend
3 1/2 cups raw sugar
3 tbl fruit pectin
Juice of one lemon

Wash and slice the strawberries into large chunks, removing stems.

Mix all ingredients in medium pot and bring to gentle simmer. Simmer for forty minutes, stirring occasionally. Add in pectin and mix well. Jam should be set, but if it still contains too much liquid, simmer for longer and check every ten minutes.

Serve with bleu cheese, brie and crackers for easy and elegant h’ordeuvres. Don’t forget a glass of Spicy Vines!

*Recipe makes 6 half-pint jars