Our Team

Each one brings their own spice.

Toni Andrews

Toni brings southern charm and an insatiable curiosity to the Spicy Vines team. She credits her mature palate to the grooming of Muscadine Wine with her grandfather in rural Georgia and discovered the art of winemaking with her husband, Ronnie. Toni’s intrigued with the craftsmanship and connections individuals can share around a bottle.

Since 2014, she’s been a major advocate for the team and travels all across the United States to share her passion and excitement, making new friends at every turn. Her Steel Magnolia demeanor and contagious positivity is a beacon to the brand.

Crystalyn Hoffman

Co-Founder, Managing Director
Spicy Vines gets it sauciness from its "mistress of spice", Crystalyn Hoffman, the girl behind the vision. Without her spunk, creativity and tenacity there would be no Spicy Vines. The girl that started as an accomplished Texas equestrian is now a wine renaissance woman and wine nouveau connoisseur.

Whether she’s rocking a suit in board meetings, jeans in the vineyards, or a feather boa to a wine tasting event, Crystalyn appreciates the variety she has created in her life.

Doug Hackett

"Just the Winemaker"
We have a (sarcastic) joke around here that Doug is "Just the Winemaker". Obviously, being the winemaker is a pretty monumental task and important role in our winery. Doug brings more than just his incredible talent for making great wine. His fun attitude, charisma and knowledge have helped create the " vibe" of Spicy Vines. Doug has been an award winning founder and winemaker of two boutique wine brands prior to coming aboard Spicy Vines. A true artisan winemaker and seasoned vintner, Doug has been awarded over 100 medals and 90+ point ratings throughout his winemaking career.

Doug also possesses a keen sense of harmoniously mingling with the wine and graciously interacting with the public. He is a wine ambassador with an innate ability to articulate to audiences ranging from wine virgin to aficionado.