Cocktail: Shahrazad’s Ruin

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There was once an Indian king called Shahriyar. One day King Shahriyar found his wife with another man so he killed her and her lover. After that the King married a different woman every day and killed her the next morning before she could stop loving him. This continued for three years.

Shahrazad was the clever and beautiful daughter of the King’s adviser. When her father told her what was happening, she decided to marry the King. Shahrazad’s father tried to stop her because he knew she was going to die. But Shahrazad had a plan to save herself and all the women in the kingdom. The King and Shahrazad got married a few days later.

2 ½ oz Spicy Vines Original Blend
1 oz Papa’s Pilar Blonde Rum
½ oz Pür•likör spice, blood orange liqueur
½ oz Pomegranate juice
½ oz Rose water*
Rose petal

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with rose petal.

*Rose water, like women, varies in strength, you may need to adjust the amount of rose water you use depending on how strong it is.

After the wedding, while the King was drinking with his friends, Shahrazad went to find her sister. “I need your help,” said Shahrazad. “Come to the palace this evening and ask me to tell you a story.”

So that night, Shahrazad was getting ready for bed when her sister came to visit her. She began telling her sister a story called The Fisherman and the Genie. While she was telling the story, the King came into the room. He started listening to her story too and became more and more interested. Shahrazad continued telling the story all night, but she stopped just before the end and said, “The morning’s here, husband. Am I going to die now?”

“No, no,” said the King. “Tell me the end of the story.” “I’ll tell you this evening, but not before,” said Shahrazad with a smile. That night Shahrazad finished the story and then immediately began another. This continued night after night. The King never heard the end of a story until the next evening. He couldn’t kill his wife because he always wanted to know how each story ended.

As time passed, the King fell in love with Shahrazad. He knew he could never kill her because he couldn’t live without her and her stories. To show Shahrazad he really loved her, the King married her again. The stories Shahrazad told the King became the stories of The Thousand and One Nights.

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